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  • Up to 10k search requests / month

  • 1m records included

  • AI features to test


Scale search flexibly in line with your needs


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  • Free up to 10k search requests / month

  • $0.50 per additional 1k search requests

  • Free up to 100k records 

  • $0.40 per additional 1k records/month


Enhance your search experience with AI features

Annual plan

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  • AI features and Keyword search

  • Merchandising Studio for business users

  • Volume discounts


Grow further, get full AI offering

Annual plan

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  • Everything on 'Premium' and...

  • Full AI offering including NeuralSearch

  • Volume discounts

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Annual plan

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Annual plan

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Keyword only
Keyword only
Keyword only
Keyword + Semantic
Dynamic Re-Ranking
Query Categorization
AI Synonyms
Manual Synonyms
Available with all plans:

AI Recommendations

Starting from $0.60/1,000 requests/mo. Our AI Recommendations API will enable you to refine your users’ needs, maximize the order average value, contextualize and merchandise your recommendations, and much more.

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  • AI Recommendations API

  • Pre-built libraries

  • Trending items

  • Trending facets

  • Related products

  • Frequently bought together

  • Events Analytics (Insights API)

  • 90 days Analytics retention

  • Recommendations Analytics

  • Recommendations Merchandising

  • Personalized recommendations

Available with Premium & Elevate plans:

Professional Services

Algolia offers professional services for Premium & Elevate plans.

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  • Algolia Blueprint

  • Algolia Kickstart

  • Algolia Guided Onboarding

  • Algolia Quick Start for Shopify

  • Algolia Quick Start for Crawler

  • Algolia Quick Start for Sending Events

  • Algolia Pulse

  • Algolia Advisory 25

  • Algolia Platform Accelerator

Add-ons to your Algolia subscription

Additional paid features available with annual commit.



Automatically extract and enrich your website content


Distributed Search Network

Easily distribute your search engine on up to 17 regions worldwide


Dedicated infrastructure & vault

Protect your data with customizable IP restrictions and encryption at rest


Extended Analytics Retention

365 days of search analytics history


Premier Platform Availability SLA

Highest level 99.999% uptime guarantee


Extended Support

Targeted response times for support requests



Environment ready for your projects in the healthcare and wellness sector

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Algolia pricing FAQs

  • Simply put, a record is an item or object that contains data that someone would search (or get recommendations) for. The total number of records is equal to the sum of records that you have in all of your indices. Note that each pre-sort of your records creates a copy of the relevant pre-sorted records and as a result, increases your total record count.

    Each Search plan allows you to store a certain number of records at any given time. You can update, delete, or add as many records as you want as long as the total number of the indexed records does not exceed the inclusion of the plan. If you go over the inclusion, you’ll be charged an over-quota based on the maximum number of records you’ve reached. Depending on your plan, there may be an opportunity to pre-purchase additional records at the beginning of your contract period at a discounted price.

    Note: To offer flexibility, Algolia ignores the 3 days with the most records in each month before calculating the total number of records.

  • Yes! Algolia Build offers 1 Million Records for free, and 10,000 Requests every month for both our Search and Recommend products. It's your playground to try all things Algolia while you ‘re developing, and there’s no credit card required to get started. When you’re ready to share your project with the world, Algolia Grow also includes a generous monthly free tier worth up to $50 every month.

  • The Algolia Build plan is your Search & Discovery playground to try Algolia’s full product offering. When you’re ready to move to production and share your project with the world, you’ll need to upgrade to Algolia Grow, which includes a generous monthly free tier to host hobby and commercial projects alike in production.

  • At Algolia, we believe in charging only for data in motion; data which is being searched and accessed by your end users. When you’re ready to release, upgrade to Algolia’s Grow plan to share your project with the world.

    To help you develop, test and experiment with your full data set risk-free, the Algolia Build plan permits up to 1 Million records when you’re in development, with API rate limiting and a limited number of Search Requests per month. 

  • The Algolia Grow plan is intended for projects in production, and data which is being used by end users. Within Algolia Grow, you’ll have access to Algolia’s core Search & Discovery features to release a best-in-class experience, with room to grow. Usage above your free tier is billed in arrears at the end of each month and according to consumption. There is no upfront commitment, and you cancel anytime.

  • The Algolia Grow plan includes $51 worth of free usage every month. You’ll only be billed for usage which exceeds each product’s free tier, and only if you choose to use them: 

    • 10,000 Search Requests (equivalent to $5 per month)
    • 10,000 Recommend Requests (equivalent to $6 per month)
    • 100,000 Records (equivalent to $40 per month)
  • Premium includes AI features, expanded global hosting options, Merchandising Studio and access to professional services and add-ons. Contact our team to learn more about which plan is right for you. 

  • Elevate includes Algolia NeuralSearch. It's the only search engine in the world that processes both vector and keyword results in parallel and at scale in a single API using the same index. 

  • Yes. The Premium and Elevate plans include volume discounts. Contact us for a quote.

  • Grow is a pay-as-you-go plan, billed monthly with no contract required. Premium and Elevate require an annual contract, contact us to learn more.