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More than 1700 manufacturers and distributors choose Algolia

Ergodyne saw 5X CTR growth and 1.9X uplift in search interactions.
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King Arthur
King Arthur Baking Company saw an 18% increase in conversions. We now have total control over the look and feel of our search results.

Mike Hoefer

Director of Web Development King Arthur Baking Company
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Algolia has become so mission critical for navigating our application that users instantly notice whenever we ship a new enhancement to our Algolia implementation.

Desmond Brand

Engineering Manager Flexport
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Swedol saw their conversion rate grow by 22% and a 7.5% increase in searches. The speed of Algolia has been incredibly impactful, along with the visibility and control we get through the dashboard. Best of all, we get the help we need from Algolia to find the best way forward on things really important to us.

Clint Fischerström

Head of Ecommerce @ Swedol
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All the tools you need to build best-in-class B2B ecommerce experiences

AI Search

Quickly show your customers exactly what they need with industry-leading AI Search that understands buyer intent.

  • Search by keyword, description, part #, SKU, or any other product attribute. 

  • Combine results from all your data sources in a single search experience – from product results, to case studies, FAQs and more.

  • Deliver relevant results for all queries, even those in the ‘long tail’.

  • Automate category reporting & ranking with Query Categorization.

  • Display best-sellers automatically with Dynamic Reranking.

AI Recommendations

Boost average order value with tailored product and content suggestions using behavioral and contextual data. 

  • Drive cross-sell with predictive models including “related products”, “trending items” and “frequent combinations”.

  • Add personalized recommendations on your homepage, product landing pages, shopping cart and almost anywhere else.

  • Image-based recommendations can help buyers find even more.

AI Browse

Automatically build category, collection, and other pages to show your buyers what they need based on their behavior and preferences.

  • Deliver results instantly with our UI components and SDKs.

  • A/B test different category ranking algorithms and push the highest converting results live.

  • Automatically boost items that are trending and popular - saving you time and enhancing your customer experience with improved ranking.

B2B search with the Merchandising Studio

Merchandising Studio

Harness complete transparency and control over ranking and relevance strategies, allowing business teams to fine-tune results from an intuitive dashboard.

  • Boost, bury, pin, and promote items based on your business goals. 

  • Track high-revenue search terms in real time, find those that don’t return results, evaluate category performance, and plan for seasonal success with historic events insights.

  • Save hours on manual synonym creation with AI.

B2B search with AI personalization


Tailor your customer experience to each customer. 

  • Show your customers only the products they have access to, personalized based on their behavior and preferences.

  • Manage customer-specific pricing.

  • Display inventory specific to the warehouse they buy from. 

Help buyers easily find everything they need, with AI search

Easy to use

Implement our APIs in minutes and gain easy control over rankings.


Search as quick as you type, with the fastest enterprise AI search we know of.


Work with a partner who  handles 30 billion records and nearly 2 billion searches a year with 99.999% availability.

Algolia Integration Partners

Blue Acorn iCi
Publicis Sapient

Fully compliant, globally secure, and privacy-focused solutions

Global business expansion

Effortlessly replicate your experience in new markets using Algolia's worldwide infrastructure and API-centric approach.

Consistent and high-quality service

Ensure top-notch service quality globally as your business grows.

Top-tier security & compliance

Algolia guarantees adherence to SOC2, SOC3, and GDPR standards, enhanced by advanced encryption to protect your data.

Distributed infrastructure

Dedicated options across six continents, providing a strong, secure foundation for business growth and global market reach.