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Build and customize your search, browse and recommend experiences with ease and speed.

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Pre-built front-end components

Create visually rich  experiences for any audience 


Design contemporary shopping experiences

Customize search results presentation, filters & sorts on your homepage, product listing pages and other browse experiences. Easily add recommendation carousels and other UI components using the InstantSearch library.

UI building blocks

Explore and interact with our widgets

UI components

Build your front end with InstantSearch, offering seamless integration of both recommendation and search components, customizing your user experience with minimal effort.

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Leverage pre-built UI templates to kickstart your project and easily customize them to fit your needs. These templates provide a comprehensive starting point, allowing you to refine and enhance your user experience over time.

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UI Libraries

Pre-built libraries for every Javascript framework and experience.


Start with our Ecommerce UI Kit

  • Mobile-first with rich experiences on larger device screens

  • Neutral UI and modular components that are customizable to your brand

  • Our UI/UX best practices are backed by research and guidelines from industry leaders like Google and the Baymard Institute

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Use the PWA headless UI storefront (React and Next JS)

  • Get inspired and cherry pick building blocks using React InstantSearch and Autocomplete

  • Deliver the best experience on both Mobile & Desktop

  • Incorporate Algolia Search & Discovery building blocks (including AI features)

  • Manage SEO, performance, customization, PWA, accessibility

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